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Q&A With Hall & Sethi, PLC’s Robert T. Hall

Q&A with Hall & Sethi, PLC’s Robert T. Hall

Attorney Robert T. Hall has 30 years of experience in personal injury litigation in Reston and Northern Virginia, Virginia. Mr. Hall gave an interview to Best Lawyers Magazine where he answered some questions about his practice, his experience as a successful lawyer, and what he sees for the future of personal injury litigation.

Here are some highlights from the article:

  • Mr. Hall began practicing law in 1966, starting with general and plaintiff’s personal injury cases and felony defense cases.
  • Mr. Hall loves that each new case he handles is a valuable learning experience.
  • Mr. Hall credits his success to curiosity, persistence, and a creative mind.
  • Mr. Hall once represented a man on death row who was ultimately exonerated by DNA evidence.
  • Mr. Hall believes that middle school and high school students should have mandatory classes on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the role of the civil justice system.

Follow the link to view the full text of the article, which is featured on page 7 of Virginia’s Best Lawyers 2014.

To get in touch with Robert T. Hall or another member of the team at Hall & Sethi, PLC, please call (703) 991-1949.

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