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Gobind S. Sethi Made President Of The Board Of VPLC

Gobind S. Sethi Made President of the Board of VPLC


One of our founding attorneys, Gobind S. Sethi, was recently nominated as president of the Board of the Virginia Poverty Law Center (VPLC). The VPLC is an organization that provides justice in civil legal matters for the lower-income citizens of Virginia. It was established in 1978 to advocate on behalf of people who, prior to its establishment, couldn’t afford to hire an attorney. It’s the only statewide organization to provide training to local Legal Aid program staff, private bar attorneys, and low-income clients, relating solely to the legal rights of Virginia’s impoverished people.

VPLC provides a foundation for the delivery of quality legal services in Virginia by holding an annual statewide Legal Aid conference, regular task force meetings, new lawyer training, and listservs. However, its most significant work includes getting bills passed in the Virginia General Assembly that would benefit low-income residents. Additionally, it sponsored “Voices for Change,” an art competition that invited children in foster care to express their views of the foster care system through art, photography, and writing.

Attorney Sethi has been representing people across Virginia for more than 13 years. Growing up in Virginia, he is an active member of the community and does his best to contribute to the success of the citizens of Virginia. Among his peers, he is also an incredibly well-respected lawyer for his trial and appeals work. His hard work, dedication, and commitment to his clients and his community have led him to sit on the Board of the VPLC as its vice president. We would like to offer our congratulations for this accomplishment.

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